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Overview of Decision Dashboard

When logged into the site, push Decision Dashboard to access your saved information. 

In your Decision Dashboard, you'll see at the top a prompt to take the next step to get matched to your best-fit schools (this will look different depending on where you are in the process).

You'll be able to access any saved schools (schools can be saved from your match report or when browsing the website by selecting the heart symbol).

Click on any of these schools to get more information, or click on My Saved Schools to see them all in a list.

You'll also be able to review the matches our system has determined fit you best. Click on any school to learn more. Click the heart to add any of the matches to your Saved Schools. Click the cross to remove them from the list if you know you are not interested.

You can also see Top Financial Fit Matches, Top Academic Fit Matches, and Top Major Fit Matches.

If you don't see these it may be because you have to complete more of your profile.

Once you have completed Majors Matcher you can also download your Majors Matcher report from the Dashboard.

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