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Inviting your students

To get the most out of your advisor tools, invite student or parent prospects and clients to build their college match profile and share their results with you.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how:

Here's a summary of what you'll see in the video.

Step 1. Invite your student or parent prospects.

Invite students by sending them an email, or generate your custom invite link to share.

If you are inviting a parent, ask them to either complete their daughter or son's profile or to work with their daughter or son to complete it.

Have a lot of prospects? Consider a bulk invite option.

Consider inviting a large gathering of parents or students to make use of free College Factual tools and use the private communication channel to nurture your leads.

Step 2. Review your students' profiles and lists.

Instruct your students to complete their profile and add colleges and majors to their list.

When they are complete they can notify you to check out their lists.

You will be able to leave feedback or send them a message, or you can wait to go over their lists together in person.

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