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  1. Best Tips on Applying to College: Parents

  2. Best Tips on Applying to College: Students

  3. Can I compare two colleges side-by-side?

  4. Can I retake the Majors Matcher test?

  5. Can you help me find a scholarship?

  6. CF: Why can't I find my major?

  7. College Factual Contributing Writers or Bloggers

  8. college not ranked or listed

  9. Expected vs. Actual Graduation Rates

  10. Filtering Your College Matches

  11. Forgot, or need to set password

  12. How do I change my home state?

  13. How do I invite more than 5 students?

  14. How do I report changes/updates to data?

  15. How do I save a college or major?

  16. How do I update profile items?

  17. How do we calculate matches or fit scores?

  18. How do you come up with your sports ranking?

  19. How do you determine the best colleges for veterans?

  20. How do you determine the top colleges by major?

  21. How do you rank the best colleges for your money?

  22. How do you rank the best overall colleges?

  23. How to adjust GPA scale

  24. How to cite College Factual

  25. How to Invite an Advisor

  26. How to Use College Factual: For Students

  27. How to Use Cost Cutter

  28. How to use new gi bill calculator

  29. I did not receive my confirmation link

  30. I want to update data on my college profile

  31. International Student Data

  32. Inviting your students

  33. More information on crime data

  34. Overview of College Match Profile

  35. Overview of Decision Dashboard

  36. See the Chinese version of our website

  37. Site keeps asking for login (Safari)

  38. Site keeps asking for me to login

  39. The messaging system

  40. What is academic fit?

  41. What is major fit?

  42. What is my match score?

  43. What is net price?

  44. Where do you get information on diversity?

  45. Where do you get your data about the colleges?

  46. Where do you get your Salary Data?

  47. Where does your diversity data come from?

  48. Where is my Majors Matcher report?

  49. Where is x college? or x college is missing

  50. Why are your GI Bill results different from what the college advertises?

  51. Why can't I find the college major I'm looking for on your site?

  52. Why isn't College X's major / program included on the website or in the rankings?

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