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Why can't I find the college major I'm looking for on your site?

Some of our users are searching for very specific majors like "Sports Management", or "Graphic Design" and can't find them. 

The reason you can't find the major does not mean it doesn't exist. But it probably means that the college is referring to a major by a different name than the one we are using. We can help you try to find the closest match to the major you are looking for, but to be safe you will want to reach out to the school you are interested in directly to confirm they have the degree program you are seeking.

Another problem may be that you are searching for something you believe is a major, but is actually a minor or a concentration. At this time our website does not currently list concentrations within majors. Again, that is something you will want to confirm exists at the college you are seeking.

To search for majors, use the search box on this page:

If the name does not auto-populate, simply type it in and hit enter and our system will try to find the closest match we offer.

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