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Why isn't College X's major / program included on the website or in the rankings?

Thanks for your interest in College Factual.

We get our information on programs and majors from IPEDS. Whatever they include we include on our site. When the program is reported to IPEDS we will include it on our site as soon as they make the data available. 

In order to be included in the rankings the program needs to be large enough for us to collect enough data on it such as salary data. (which we are currently getting from Payscale). If we are missing that data we cannot include it in the rankings even though we may list the program for your school. 

Note that we currently only include bachelor-degree programs on our site.

That said, we certainly want to make sure we are accurately portraying your school for students and ranking it in a fair and objective way.  Do you have any thoughts on how we could be doing that better for smaller schools and/or schools where there is insufficient data? We are certainly always looking to improve, so we welcome any good ideas on how to do that.

College Success Team  

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