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How to use new gi bill calculator

Answer each question on the screen of the GI Bill Calculator to the best of your knowledge.

After answering the questions you'll be presented with a screen that will show you:

  • Known costs of a degree at that particular school.
  • Known benefits paid to you (includes a monthly housing allowance and book stipend).
  • Known benefits paid to that particular college.
  • Potential post 9/11 benefits paid to the college (this includes other benefits such as the yellow ribbon award which is not available at every college nor is every student eligible).
  • Potential non-military benefits paid to/by the college (this includes any financial aid you may be eligible for on top of your GI Bill benefits).

You will then see the maximum net price you would have to pay as well as the potential minimum you would have to pay. A negative number means you could receive more money than you pay.

Click on the blue plus signs to see more detail in any category. 

In the College Notes section, you'll see additional important information for you. This includes average amounts of financial aid given by this college, how many months of benefits you have remaining when your benefits will expire and other data.

Click email your results to receive a copy of all of this information.

The calculator is most valuable and effective when comparing at least two colleges or universities. You will be prompted to enter your first-choice college in the beginning of the workflow. You can add another college to compare at any time.

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