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What is academic fit?

 Academic fit looks at your grades (including test scores if you provide them) and uses that to estimate how likely you are to be an academic success at the college.

A perfect fit would be if you are at the 75th percentile compared to the norm at that school. This would represent you as above average but not so far above average that the school would not be a challenge.

The Academic Fit Details chart shows you how close you are to the 75th percentile, which is what we consider to be the perfect academic fit. 2.5 actually represents the 75th percentile at this school. 0 is about the 38th percentile which would actually be slightly below average.

Once you start getting above the 75th percentile your academic fit score will begin to drop as we would consider you over-qualified for the school.

The multi-colored wheel to the left will show you if you are in the target range and how close the school is to a reach or a safety school for you.    

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